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  • Which establishments are affiliated with the discount program?
    You can find the list of companies here
  • Where can I buy the puerto discount card ?
    The card can be purchased at the establishments you will find here
  • What benefits does the card give me?
    You get discounts in restaurants, bars, beach club, medical assistance, and much more, you can check the updated benefits here
  • Is the card transferable?
    No, it is for personal use.
  • How does it work?
    At the time you ask for the bill, let the employee know that you have the card, so they can give you the discount.
  • The card is a credit card
    We are sorry, but we do not have that service.
  • What happens if a company is not aware of the promotion they offer?
    It is very unlikely, since everyone involved is fully aware of the program, but in case it happens, please report it here. in order to take action. which can range from a first notice, to canceling the company from the program.
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