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Ideas to celebrate ( El grito) September 15

Ideas to celebrate September 15

The Grito of Independence is one of the most important historical events in our country, as it marks the beginning of the fight for the independence of Mexico and is commemorated every September 15.

Party at your house:

Ask your guests to come dressed:
With some traditional Mexican garment.
With the colors of the flag.
With costumes of Mexican motifs.
You can not miss the good music and the dance floor. To give it a patriotic touch, suddenly include some pieces by Mexican artists or groups that invite you to dance, such as:
"Cómo te voy a olvidar" (Los Angeles Azules)
"Sergio el bailador" (Bronco)
"Noa Noa" (Juan Gabriel)
"El Santo, el cavernario" (La Sonora Santanera)
"Payaso de Rodeo" (Caballo Dorado).
Mexican Kermesse
To give your party a different touch, you can organize it Kermesse style. Mexicans know this dynamic very well and enjoy it. 
You will need:
Set up different stalls, both for entertainment and for food.
Give "money" to your guests from the beginning (fictitious money, obviously, since it is only to play the exchange, and spending it in others).
Your guests will take care of the rest, walking from stall to stall, depending on what they want to do/eat/drink.
Mexican Games
Some very Mexican games that you can include to have fun with your guests (*they are also useful for kermesse stalls, in case you decide to have your party under that concept) are:
Stick the tail on the donkey.
Marbles, of those that are thrown on an inclined board that has holes and that each hole adds points.
Piñatas. We suggest doing it blindfolded to make it more fun and that the filling is with typical Mexican sweets.
Bearing contest
If you include prizes, it's even more fun. It doesn't have to be expensive, on the contrary, use your imagination!
For example:
A shot of tequila!
Some nice rebozo for women.
Pots with cactus. 
A USB with Mexican music.
Voucher for some future service, for example, for a haircut (done by you, if they take the risk) or for walking the pet.

Party in town:
Dinner, grito and live music!
This party is an opportunity to also celebrate our culinary heritage, preparing delicious dishes that everyone can enjoy:
Some simple but always sought after tacos.
Enchiladas, sopes and flautas, yes!, that dinner food that we like so much.
Seafood prepared as only those from Sinaloa know how to do it.
More elaborate dishes, very appropriate for special celebrations, such as the chiles en nogada or the traditional mole.
Broths with meat (call it birria, pozole, menudo etc...)
Cueritos toasts and pork legs.
Fried quesadillas stuffed with pumpkin flower or huitlacoche.
Panuchos, cochinita pibil, salbutes...
We recommend dining at the Charro Mexican restaurant.
And for party after dinner what better than rock and live! mariachi in Lauros 
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